About me


I’m 22 23 24 25. I still play with slinkies. If you’re nice, I’ll fix your PC.

Computers fascinate me, as both networked systems and ideas, and I love figuring out how things work. I’ll happily dig into any mysterious machine to see what makes it tick, and to see how I can make it tick faster.

My Vault-Boy bobblehead. It bobbles.

I’m also an avid PC gamer, love all kinds of weird music, and then of course there’s this site.

I fix computers for a living, and frequently come across little problems that were made a little bit easier to solve because some thoughtful person’s already blogged it. I try to do the same, and to date, over a thousand people stumble on my driver guide every month.

Drivers and walkthroughs aside, it’s just the personal tech blog of an Aussie geek who never stopped writing. Enjoy your stay, and don’t forget to tell me what you think!